Kopis BattleArmor

I undertook the task of taking an old concept that was originally created for the MechWarrior franchise and creating it in 3D. It is a suit of BattleArmor, as it is called. Roughly human scale. Was a lot of fun working on this project, but it was a lot of hard work as well. This was my first Substance Painter project (I originally did it in Quxiel Suite).

Wood and ground assets are Megascan assets I utilized to spruce things up a bit.

The materials for the BattleArmor are intended to look semi realistic in a military situation. Military greens, etc. were the main focus.

This was a challenging project, as I discovered at numerous points in creating it, that the concept design itself had many issues from scale, to consistency, and viability of the design. Most of this was overcome in the end and it was a great learning experience. Enjoy!

This is the original concept I worked from.

This is the original concept I worked from.